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Attention Winter Haven Residents!


Starting soon, we’ll be crack-sealing a number of roads across Winter Haven to enhance the longevity and quality of the city’s roadways.  This treatment is a crucial step in our pavement management toolbox to enhance our roadways.  While crack sealing may not be the most aesthetic, fear not! It needs 30 days to cure, and then the city’s contractor will be back to add the finishing touches with a double micro surface treatment, giving the road that smooth finish.

Good news for drivers: You can hop back on the road right after the crack seal is applied. Just keep an eye out for any traffic signs or measures in place to protect our hardworking crews.

The roads slated for this type of treatment include:

  • 1st Terrance NW
  • 3rd Street NE
  • 3nd Street NE
  • 4th Street NE
  • 4th Street SE
  • Avenue A NE
  • Avenue B NE
  • Avenue P SW
  • Jardin Lane
  • Kenwood Avenue SW
  • Orangewood Avenue SW
  • Orrin Avenue SW
  • Roselawn St SW
  • Sheridan Street SW

Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for your patience as we work to make Winter Haven’s roads safer and smoother for everyone!


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