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Lake Ariana Park Redevelopment Plans Unveiled

Enhancing Auburndale's Recreational Hub


In a significant development for the community of Auburndale, plans for the redevelopment of Lake Ariana Park have been officially endorsed by the City Commission. The Conceptual Master Plan, which was unveiled following an Open House public meeting at the Ariana Clubhouse in February 2022, outlines ambitious upgrades aimed at enhancing the park’s amenities and overall appeal.

At the heart of the redevelopment project is the transformation of “Mac’s Beach” into a more inviting and user-friendly space for residents to enjoy. This revitalization effort reflects the city’s commitment to providing top-notch recreational facilities for its citizens.

Key elements of the redevelopment plan include the construction of a new Civic Center building, which will serve as a focal point for community gatherings and events. Additionally, the plan calls for the installation of a new boat dock, picnic pavilions, outdoor event space, playground, beach volleyball courts, and expanded parking facilities to accommodate the park’s various activities and users.

The relocation of the downtown Civic Center to Lake Ariana Park is a strategic move that aims to centralize community resources and promote synergy between recreational and civic amenities. By consolidating these facilities within the park grounds, residents will have easier access to a wide range of recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities.

Overall, the redevelopment of Lake Ariana Park represents a significant investment in the quality of life for Auburndale residents. As the project moves forward, city officials are committed to ensuring that the park remains a vibrant and welcoming destination for generations to come.


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