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As summer officially begins today, the Auburndale Police Department wants to remind all citizens about the dangers of vehicular heatstroke. With daily temperatures easily exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida, the inside of a vehicle can reach extremely high and potentially fatal temperatures in a short period of time.

Tragically, Florida ranks as the second highest state for reported deaths due to vehicular heatstroke. The victims are often young children who have been unintentionally left in hot vehicles. Just a few minutes of exposure can have devastating consequences.

While we know our community members are caring and responsible, heatstroke tragedies are often simply terrible accidents. Let’s all be proactive and remain vigilant about double checking for any occupants before exiting our vehicles this summer. Even a brief lapse in memory or distraction could put a child’s life at risk. One heatstroke death is one too many.

For more information on this topic and free courses, visit the National Safety Council  or noheatstroke.org. Thank you for your commitment to summer safety. Wishing you a fun and safe start to the season!


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