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Host an Intern This Summer

CareerSource Polk Pays - Train and Develop Talent in Polk County


CareerSource Polk is in the process of preparing Young Adults to gain work experience through Internships / Work-based learning.  Their team received nearly 1200 applications and have conducted nearly 800 interviews so far.  The goal is to prepare our current and future workforce to be successful.  Your help with this initiative would be greatly appreciated.

Their goal is to secure, within the next week, at least 100 work/training sites across diverse industries with companies throughout Polk County.  We would love for each site to host at least two interns.  The intent is to ensure that each internship opportunity provides meaningful work experience, including key tasks related to critical job functions that would prepare them to be suitable for open positions or be more interested in pursuing jobs in the industry.

Interns would begin at their assigned host site June 10th.  The week prior, all interns will be participating in a 5-day bootcamp, participating in personal and professional development workshops including working on digital literacy skills, soft skills, workplace etiquette, interpersonal communications, conflict management and so much more.

Would you consider hosting an intern while CareerSource Polk provides a bi-weekly stipend that’s valued at approximately $15/hour for up to 30 hours per week for  9 weeks?  If so, please see the worksite flyer HERE.  Then, review, complete and sign the SYLTP Contract and the CSP Worksite Agreement and send back to Stacy Campbell-Domineck, President & CEO, CareerSource Polk – Stacy.Campbell-Domineck@careersourcepolk.com

Your commitment to preparing our workforce for now and the future is greatly appreciated!


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