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Lake Wales woman arrested after injuring a man and an infant by running over them with her vehicle


A woman was arrested following a domestic disturbance in Lake Wales Monday afternoon, June 24, 2024, in which she intentionally drove over a man who was holding an infant, injuring them both.

Detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office authored an arrest warrant for 27-year old Aaliyah Ross of Lake Wales, and located her in Orlando where she was arrested. She is currently being held in the Orange County Jail.

The 25-year old male victim was treated and released from the hospital, having suffered bruising to his body and lungs.

The 16-month old boy remains hospitalized with a broken left shoulder and collar bone, multiple broken ribs, a partially collapsed lung, and abrasions and bruising on his body.

As the argument escalated between Ross and the man, she placed two other small children (4 years old, and 6 months old) into her car, and got into the driver’s seat of a Toyota Corolla. The man picked up the infant and began to run away as Ross accelerated directly at the two victims, and ran over them before she crashed the vehicle into a trailer. Read more:


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